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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning

Sit and lounge with peace of mind in both public and private spaces.
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When your home or business sees a lot of people coming and going, you can really see the changes in your furniture and upholstery. Streaks, stains, blotches, and foul odors go unnoticed until they grow too big to ignore.

Don’t wait until complaints and problems happen! Carpet Essentials has provided storefronts, restaurants, lobbies, homes, gyms, churches, and other places where people regularly go with high-quality cleaning services. Using top-notch cleaning equipment and “green” cleaning materials, we give furniture the thorough cleaning they need to look pristine and smell good.

Our deep steaming process gets down to the lower layers of the upholstery without fraying or damaging the material. Grime, mold, lint, organic residue, and other nasty materials get scrubbed out until every inch is cleaned. Not only do we make couches, sofas, and seats look comfortable enough to sit on, but we also ensure their durability for more years of use. The best part is, our quick-drying methods let you back to business in no time!

What are you waiting for? Let our team clean your furniture and upholstery by calling us today.